“Forbidden” is a feature-length science fiction thriller that aspires to recapture the awe and mysticism of classic sci-fi films through a high-concept journey that weaves secret government agencies and cutting-edge science with the nature of reality itself — a reality so unbelievable that it can only be told through fiction. This journey is led by a smart female lead who explores the complex relationship between belief, knowledge, and the imagination, while reflecting on past trauma and future apocalypse.

The premise revolves around a federal agent who travels to a remote outpost in Antarctica to determine the identity of a severely injured man found stranded in the middle of the frozen continent. When the mysterious stranger, who claims that “humanity has eleven years to leave the world or face extinction,” dies under suspicious circumstances, she must embark on a deadly race across the barren wasteland to track his timeless origin and mankind’s future, battling against rogue nations, unknown ancient forces, and her own deteriorating physical and mental state.